Barletta has exactly the bike you need, from the work horse to the extreme weekend


Welcome to Barletta, Australia’s specialist Electronic Bike company for Commercial & Consumer bikes.

We have been on a development program since 2010, in that time the speed of change and development within the E-Bike market is simply mind-blowing.

In 2010, no one was really playing in the commercial field for Electric Bikes. This was a specifically designed bike not for recreational use, but one that was purpose-built to be used for deliveries in and around the city and CBD areas. The technology was still really developing and people were just trying to understand the limitations and benefits v’s the cost of using these bikes v’s the traditional methods used by couriers.

With our years of development to create an E-Bike that can be suitable for all of Australians environments, we have created Australia’s premiere Delivery E-Bike Range.  Our bikes have been rolled out across all states in Australia, New Zealand and the United States with International Food & Beverage Franchises. We are the first to develop the fat tyre mountain E-Bike, as a versatile cargo bike, known as our Sumo range.

In 2017, we developed a range of recreational bikes, utilising all the same quality and longevity of our commercial bikes, now with more Fun added.

Barletta is biking for all, in all conditions.

Contact us to find out how you can get onto a Barletta Bike. 

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